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Question 1 - How do I know if an imported engine will work in my car?   
Question 2 - Why are these Japanese engines so inexpensive?
Question 3 - What do we mean by 'Low Mileage'?   
Question 4 - What is a 'Direct Import'?   
Question 5 - How are these engines 'Tested and Cleaned'?   
Question 6 - What does an 'Installation Kit' include?   
Question 7 - What other parts does Foreign Engines, Inc. carry for my car?   
Question 1? How do I know if an imported engine will work in my car?
  We have an extensive database that matches the right used japanese engine to your car.  The information in our database is put together from manufacturer's information and our own research.
Any Questions?  Please call. 800-333-9889 Lynnwood, Washington / 800-552-1595 Idaho
Question 2? Why are these Used Japanese Engines and Transmissions so inexpensive?
  Japanese law is geared toward 'forced obsolescence', which means they make it very expensive and impractical to own and operate an older car in Japan.   When they buy a new car the old one ends up being recycled. The engine and transmission are pulled out and sold to companies in the U.S. 
Question 3? What do we mean by 'Low Mileage'?
  Most of our used imported engines and transmissions average 50,000 miles.
This is an average, Some have more and some have less.  We do not have the exact mileage on each engine.
Question 4? What is a 'Direct Import'?
  Foreign Engines, Inc. imports Used Engines and Transmissions directly from suppliers in Japan.  These are suppliers we have used for more than 20 years and know they supply High Quality Used Engines and Transmissions.
Question 5? How are these Used Engines    'Tested and Cleaned'
  The Engines are Compression tested in Japan. 
After compression testing, the engines are Steam Cleaned in Japan.
When unloading the container we double check the Quality of the Used Engine.
Finally when we sell the engine we check again by turning the crankshaft to verify compression.  
Question 6? What does an Engine installation kit include?
  Timing Belt (If needed)
Gaskets (Intake, Exhaust, Thermostat, Valve cover)
Camshaft seals
Crankshaft seals
Oil filter
Question 7? What other parts does Foreign Engines, Inc. carry for my car?
  Through our suppliers we are able to offer a full line of parts for every need your car may have. In some cases your sales representative may recommend parts that will keep your engine or transmission running longer and up to it's full potential.
Please call for Availability
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